Eatin' and Rootin'

Looks like our team may have actually shown up this season!!! :D

Giants v. Padres Wednesday. I love day games at PacBell. At least I'll make it to one game this season. Tailgating rocks. Bring on the snausages and skirt steak!

List is a mile long, with tasks at both ends of the county, and must be completed before fam damily arrives tomorrow and involves a lot of food stores. :)

What I have in common with my family:

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Now is the time for humanity to step up and take responsiblity for ourselves, our communities and our society in general. We can't rely on government, we must be self sufficient and prove our ability to come together in with compassion for our fellow man and give what we can of ourselves to help eachother. Oh please *please*, we must all do our part, in whatever means we can...
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It's a RARE moment of quiet around here. We are still expecting the welder, a painter, my mom and the window washer to show up today, and we had the networking kid here until 9pm last night programming the remote...? Ooookay. It looks just like a transporter, I shit you not. You know, the thing the away teams on the Star Trek Enterprise would take down to explore new planets? I don't even know where the power button is on it. Ridiculous, Lucy. Anyway, it's gloriously quiet. Except for a little Led Zep on DVD. Very nice.

I'm tired, perhaps fighting a cold, perhaps trying to process all the drywall dirt in my nose, but I still just can't complain.

I just plan on focusing on getting last minute stuff for the shower all set today so that tomorrow I can clean (again, I guess) before everyone arrives. Finding tubs for drinks, setting up tables for food, wine and gifts. Oh, GETTING a gift, somehow I've neglected to get to that part so far...Last minute errands, etc. etc. etc. When I offered to do this months and months ago, I thought I'd have more energy. Heh.

It's foggy. In my brain and in the air. Rough sleep. Desperate images of the people from Gulf Coast kept flooding my brain. Slightly touchy today. Patience is wearing thin. Sadness is weighing down.

Mom's here. Time to dress.

Counting Blessings.
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Aching for the South

I tried for hours to donate through the Red Cross web site yesterday and they were having trouble. I hope that didn't discourage anyone who wanted to contribute from trying again. I finally was able to get through today through a Yahoo/United affiliate program. I had trouble keeping upbeat during MIL's B-day dinner last night. This situation is just so hopeless down there...I feel so hopeless to help. I feel like sending $ just isn't enough. But I can't exactly roll up my sleeves and go down there to pull people out of submerged buildings right now. :(

I just feel awful for these poor people. It's tearing me up.
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I can't stop thinking about the people in New Orleans and surrounding areas. :( Katrina is a monster. May all of those in her path find safety. I love that city and her people.

Song Meme

Okay, datawhorevoyeur tapped me for Song Meme...I only got to pick 7. So here goes;

Rules: Pick seven songs that you're into right now, list them. Pick seven friends who have to repeat this process, list them.

1) Incubus-Megalomanic
2) Janes Addiction-Riches
3) Jan Deneau Trio-Moanin'
4) System of a Down-B.Y.O.B.
5) The Dwarves-The Dwarves Come Clean (entire album)
6) The English Beat-Mirror In The Bathroom
7) Eagles of Death Metal-Only Want You

1) Lucid Livie
2) Thunderslug
3) Schmimi
4) Valkyrieblue
5) aspiring2live
6) Psychfringe
7) Carnivalhead
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