Bird (kjillane) wrote,

Thank you.

We move along the earth, among the shadows in the dirt.
We glide along the shore, atop the eagle's back we soar.
We fall amoungst the stars, down the river's spine we roar.
We stir admist the morning dew in gentle light we glow.

To exist is nothing much with out the love and touch of you.
You can be most anyone, so long as you make me one too.
Surrounded in a hollow world, an echo in my soul.
Enveloped in a gentle fold, you arms my pillowed hole.

All the world is love and light
with cold hard blackness down below.
Where you choose to rest your head
is where you're shown to go.

Is this life a waste of time,
or is it something more?
A instant of shared devine,
The rapid hearts of two.

Leave me not in wet treacherous wallowed sorrow,
Pick me up and carry me in your arms to see tomorrow.
Give me hope, touch my skin, hear me speak, help me follow.
From you, life's breath I'll gingerly borrow.

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